Mold Department
  ·   Powder metallurgy mould
  ·   Magnetic material mould
  ·   Inductance integrated molding
  ·   Permanent magnet mould
  ·   Fe-Si-Al&Silicon chromium iron mould
  ·   Precision ceramics mould
  ·   Carbon ceramics molding
  ·   Yilagan mould and The button battery mould
  ·   Metal powder injection molding(MIM\CIM)
  ·   Plug gauge,ring gauge
  ·   Automobile parts&Precision Accessory
  ·   Graphite mold
  ·   Stamping and plastic moulds
Machinery Department
  ·   CNC Servo Type Powder Forming Pressing Machine
  ·   Powder molding rotary compressor
  ·   Powder Forming Vertical Press Machine
  ·   Square type processing machine
  ·   NR-multi-functional square processing machine
  ·   Magnetic Core Sorting Machine
  ·   Floating Mould Frame
  ·   DR Square Type Processing Machine
  ·   Accessory Series of Powder Forming Press Machine
Machinery Department-Non-Stadnard automation
  ·   Powder Forming Pressing Machine Series
  ·   Auto.Feeding and Discharging Robots Series
  ·   Cutting Machine Series
  ·   Gluing Machine
  ·   Cutting and Bending Machine Series
  ·   Test&packing Machine Series
  ·   Bending Machine Series
  ·   Auto.Selection Machine Series
Machinery Department-Machinery Department

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GUANGDONG CINCY INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. was founded in June 2005 in China mainland. After nine years of rapid development, We bought 50 mu of state-owned land in Dongkeng town,Dongguan city in April 2014,which the floor area is 51055.7 square meters. At present, we have 380 employees, our customers are widely distributed in all over the nation, Japan, Southeast Asia,Europe and the United States etc..Our products got high praise from customers with excellent quality and intimate after-sales service.In order to remain invincible in the increasing fierce market competition,we unswervingly adhere to the line of high precision, high-quality, excellent service and on-time delivery.We also persist in precise production,high efficiency and constantly strive for excellence,try our best to produce the best quality of products for customers, continuously meet new challenges and develop new products.
We mainly manufacture and sell the following products: (1) powder metallurgy die tooling (2) magnetic material mold (3) precision ceramic mold (4) tungsten steel mold for cold heading (5) pharmaceutical mold (6) inductively forming mold (7) MIM (8) cold& hot forging die (9) powder forming rotary compressor (10) powder forming vertical compressor (11) DR cores processing machine (12) automation equipment manufacturing (13) fixture,jig and gauge (14) diamond grinding wheel&alloy core cutting blade (NR) (15) super hard alloy parts manufacturing.
Now we possess following equipments with high precision for manufacturing and measuring: 1PC German Zeiss 3D measuring instrument, 1PC Tokyo contour instrument, 1PC Japan Tokyo roundness tester, 1PC Japan Nikon projector, 1PC TESA 2D height gauge, 8 PC 2D, a batch of Mitutoyo measuring equipments,5pcs Switzerland Agie wire cutting, 2pcs Japan Sodick wire cutting. 15pcs Japan Sodick wire machine(AQ-400L), 10pcs Japan Sodick mirror spark NC machine, 5pcs Japan Makino mirror spark NC machine, 2pcs optical grinder, 3pcs CNC grinding machine, 2pcs Jig grinder, 50pcs sparks NC machine, 15pcs CNC high speed machining center, 25pcs common milling machine, 12pcs universal tool grinder, 10pcs internal and external cylindrical grinder, 35pcs surface grinder, 10pcs CNC, 30pcs general lathes, 18pcs wire cutting, 1pc fluid polishing machine.

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